La Pasqua in Italia.
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1.   Come si dice 'Happy Easter' in italiano?

A.  Buona Pizza     B.  Buona Pesca     C.  Buona Pasqua

2.  Come si chiama? 
What is the name of the Italian Easter cake that is in the shape of a dove?

A.  Colomba       B.  Collina       C.  Collana

3.  Lo sai?
In Italy, which meat is traditionally eaten on
Easter Day?

A. pollo  (chicken)     B. agnello (lamb)

C. manzo (beef)

4.  Come si dice 'egg'?

A.   uomo        B.   uovo        C.   occhio

5.  Come si dice 'Good Friday' in italiano?

A.   Il Venerdì Prossimo          B.  Il Venerdì  Scorso

C.   Il  Venerdì Santo

6.  Lo sai?
What do Italians NOT eat on Good Friday?

A.  il pesce (fish)       B.  la pasta       C.  la carne (meat)

7.  Lo sai?
What is La Settimana Santa?

A.  Holy Week       B.  Easter Sunday     

C.  Easter Monday

8.  Lo sai?
Easter is in the season of........

A.  inverno          B.  primavera        C.  estate

9.  Lo sai?
In which Italian city is it the tradition to have
Scoppio del Carro (The Exploding Cart) on
Easter Sunday?

A.  Rome (Roma)          B.  Venice (Venezia) 

 C.  Florence (Firenze)

10.  Lo sai?
Which of these words does NOT belong to Easter?

A.  uovo         B.  colomba        C.  processione

D.  matita      E.  agnello

11.  'Lent' is the forty-day period leading up to Easter.
Come si chiama in italiano?

A.  La Quaranta    B.  La Quaresima   C.  La Tarantella

12.  Come si dice 'Easter Sunday?'

A.  La Domenica delle Palme      

B.  La Domenica del Cioccolato

C.  La Domenica di Pasqua

13.  Come si dice 'church' in italiano?

A.  chiesa         B.  chiaro        C.  casa

14.  Lo sai?
What do Italians like to do on the Monday
following Easter Day?

A.  to go shopping 

B.  to be outdoors and to go on trips

 C.   to bake cakes


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